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What drives you? It is an important question. In my opinion, drive is the most important element of an exceptional life.

Yet so often, I see success teachers telling people to get a vision or a dream for their future. In truth, I have taught that concept many times myself! But a few years ago, I began to think that


Drift reminds me of my New England winters as a child, looking out the window at the snowdrifts the morning after an overnight blizzard. As an adult now living by the ocean in Florida, drift reminds me of picking up driftwood on the beach that washed ashore the morning after an overnight of rough seas.

Closer to my heart is


If you are like most people, when you saw the word discipline, you thought seriously about skipping this chapter. It just isn’t one of those words that excites the senses. It is, however, one of those words that, when embraced, separates the good from the great.

The truth is that discipline is required to achieve and maintain greatness. The problem


Think back to when you were young. What was your favorite day of the year? You are probably imagining your birthday, right? That special day once a year when you got extra attention, plenty of cake and ice cream, and of course, every kid’s favorite: presents!

What child doesn’t love presents? But as you may recall, there’s something


One of my favorite stories to share is one about Walt Disney’s vision for creating Disneyland.

Born out of a desire to spend more time with his children and have more control over the entertainment he was creating, his idea was met with resistance. Both Walt’s wife, Lillian, and his own brother, Roy, didn’t think the amusement industry was one


The word control gets a bad rap!

Perhaps it is mostly because of problematic ideas like being a “control freak” or the need to manipulate all outcomes. True, control can be a very ugly quality when embodied in unhealthy ways, and it can be somewhat silly under very normal circumstances.

We sports fans are notorious for blaming coaches, players, and even


Do you have “what it takes?” It’s a common phrase. Having what it takes to succeed in life is something we all strive for. Being competent—having competence—means we have what it takes. We have not just the skills, but the drive, the judgment, and the opportunity to achieve our dreams.

So how do we become competent? I’ve devoted


Origin of “Coach”

It was so interesting to me when I discovered where the word coach derived from originally.

It all started way back in the fifteenth century in a small town named Kocs, on the main road between Vienna and Budapest, Austria. As the story goes, a transportation company created a carriage with more space and more comfort. It was


An atmosphere is a surrounding environment or influence. It is not only the protective shield surrounding our planet so we can live, it is also a protective shield protecting our lives. This is true of our homes and also the offices in which we work. For example, if you or your coworkers talk behind each other’s backs, you will


Branding has been my world for more than thirty years. I spent twenty years at Darden Restaurants, mostly at Red Lobster, where we spent more than $100 million per year on branding. We spent a total of more than $1 billion while I was there.

As part of that expense, we got to hire some of the most brilliant branding