What started out as an encouragement for a friend, just a simple personal note about a word defined…has become a movement. It is so much more than a defined word from a dictionary…no…this is a deep look through the eyes and heart of leaders like you, hungry to make a difference. Determined to do more, help more, and be more every day.

A Book – 52 words that will fill your mind and heart with encouragement inspiration, revelation and determination.

An Email – sent to you each week-4-5 minutes to begin your week with a wow moment.

A Podcast – The WoW Factor word becomes ALIVE when the contributor is asked to explain further. Discover the details. Uncover the secrets. Apply the understanding. Live the reality.

An APP – so you can search by topic, or contributor and have access to the WoW world any time you desire. (Coming soon)

A WoW Factor Conference – Friday night and all day on Saturday can help you define your future as well as join an ever-growing community of wowzers that are growing together. Planned to begin in 2020.

An Audio Book – listen 5 minutes at a time to wow your inner-self. share with a friend and better understand where you are, where you are going and who you will take with you.

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