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I once heard it said that worry is paying interest on debt you might not owe. To fully function to the best of our ability, we must be fully focused in the now moment. The number one cause for accidents on jobsites is a lack of focus. It is impossible to be in a state of worry and still


What does value mean to you? Is it just the price of something? Some expensive things are actually not valuable, if you really think about it.

Have you ever tried to shop for the basics—bread, milk, and eggs—when a bad storm is brewing? When the shelves are bare, you might have to stand outside the store and wait for those


Have you ever been driving a vehicle that got stuck? If so, you know how frustrating it can be. However, spinning your wheels in a vehicle, buried in the mud, barely compares to a life that has lost traction.

A few years ago, I found myself wondering if I was still on the right career path. The malaise


Trust. It’s a word we hear regularly.

People cry that we need to rebuild trust in government, business, and communities. It’s a crisis that plays out in the evening news and with every new scandal that is reported.

And trust is a much bigger issue in the smallest places in our lives as it plays out throughout the day. It


The word transparency sums up one of the keys to my success as a television host on the world’s number one electronic retailer, QVC. By putting transparency into place as a part of my product presentations, I was able to sell almost $4 billion worth of merchandise during my twenty-nine-year career.

I’ll never forget the pivotal moment when the


You’ve heard of the power of compound interest and likely experienced it either in a positive or negative way when trying to save money. Einstein even called it the eighth wonder of the world. What is the most powerful element of compound interest? Time. The earlier you begin the process of saving, the more growth can happen!

Finances are


I recently heard a story about a leader at Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts who took the time to learn some very simple things about her cast members that would lead to more meaningful employee relationships.

Walt Disney World employs thousands of college students for short-term internships. This particular leader wanted to know, if there was one magical experience


It is impossible to even consider the word think without, as a prerequisite, actually doing this word. As proposed in the quote by Descartes, the most fundamental activity of being human is to think. He would even say that “thinking” establishes the fact of our existence. I would say it also creates the quality of our existence.

Our superpower


Tenacity. In our everyday lives, we often view tenacity as an intangible ability to rise above obstacles, despite circumstances. Related words include grit, endurance, perseverance, and relentless determination.

However, there are some subtle differences between the word tenacity and its related counterparts. Although all imply some form of persistence, the word tenacity also implies strategic thinking. A tenacious person


We humans are fascinated with stories. Oh, the genre doesn’t matter. It could be a romantic comedy, a sci-fi thriller, or an action adventure. We just like a good story. When you go to the office on Monday morning, what do you want to hear? A good story that someone had from their weekend. What is a great