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Most likely, we don’t know each other, but I’ll dare to guess we have at least one thing in common: who we are today is not who we want to be tomorrow.

You wouldn’t have picked up this book if it weren’t true. There is still so much I want to achieve in this life. I want to


You may have seen my magic on prime-time TV or late-night talk shows, or maybe you are among the billions who have viewed my magic online. But my career did not start there. I grew up in a magical family with magicians as parents. I don’t remember most of my childhood because most of it was spent in


Growing up in Wisconsin allowed me to experience the four seasons—sometimes in the extreme.

I loved summer as a kid, swimming, playing outside…it was so awesome! (We did not have video games back then.) Then the leaves started to change colors, and a fresh coolness became a new reality, autumn was awesome. I remember taking hikes in northern Wisconsin, and


In all my life, I have not been able to find a more powerful word than replicate—except maybe the word grace.

The ability to replicate can be a blessing or a curse in your business and personal life. Much of life is how you cast it—what light you cast your victories and defeats in, whom you cast as the


What happens when life fails to produce the outcome you anticipated? What happens when everything you’ve worked for disappears?

In 2009, I found myself in one of the biggest setbacks I’d ever faced, like many other Americans during the economic crisis. I thought my life was coming to an end. I couldn’t believe it…I’d lost everything. Everything! My job,


I’m a farm boy—or at least I grew up on a tobacco farm. I really wasn’t good at farming. Too much waiting on things I had no control over. On a farm, you have less control than you may think. So I went to college and started my career.

Nothing new except I kept missing the farm—or that’s what


Even though I grew up in a very small town of one thousand people, because it was in Texas, it forced me to want to do everything big! As a young man, I was always intrigued by someone who could motivate people to want to do something, or go somewhere, or even more impressive, spend their hard-earned money!



Peak performance. High performance. Horrible performance. Great performance. How many phrases with the word performance have you heard? Performance has become a buzz word. Ambitious individuals and athletes can’t stop thinking about it. Growth-minded companies can’t seem to operate without the latest gadget advertised to boost it.

The problem is, most people treat performance like a magic pill. “Do this


If we only understood the power of the word peace and its importance in our lives. Unfortunately, most of us have a very shallow or superficial view of this word. We see it as someone just “tiptoeing through the daisies,” as the great Tiny Tim used to sing. Or we associate it with people who are kind of flaky


I was standing on the sideline at football practice when one of our starters put his arm around my shoulders and said, “Doc, I’ve never thought so much about what I’ve been thinking about! I think I can really take my game to another level if I can choose the right thoughts at the right time and build mindsets