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I was standing on the sideline at football practice when one of our starters put his arm around my shoulders and said, “Doc, I’ve never thought so much about what I’ve been thinking about! I think I can really take my game to another level if I can choose the right thoughts at the right time and build


The root of the word integrity is “integer.” In math, an integer is a whole number, as opposed to a fraction. So integrity represents a wholeness in life as opposed to being fractured or living a “partial” life.

A true sign of maturity and strength of character is to be the same person no matter where you are or who


We live in a world bombarded with distraction and obsessed with measuring talent and performance. This is why it is so easy to forget the fundamental role of inspiration in our lives. Inspiration awakens us and drives us to new possibilities to transcend our ordinary limitations. Inspiration is the necessary ingredient to put an end to apathy and move


So many things are written, shared, and taught about leadership these days. In fact, I think the concept has become sadly overused, and perhaps misused. Let’s break this definition down. The word lead can be a noun or a verb.

I was discussing this concept recently with my friend, Joe Calamusa IV, who heads the sales training program for the


I will never forget having the honor of speaking at my dad’s funeral. Looking out at the large gathering, I realized that over his long life, he made a positive impact on the world. He was not wealthy, nor was he a prominent leader. Yet those of us who spoke of him, from his children to his friends to


I watched a vibrant, healthy, beautiful young girl slip into motionless, emotionless existence. Unable to get out of her bed, the light in her eyes and the spark in her soul grew dim. She had no desire, no ability, to get up, wash her face, comb her hair, or face the day. She had slipped into a dark


I am committed to helping sales professionals be true to who they are, and I now dedicate every breath to doing so. Heart is greatly misunderstood. Heart is relevant in sales, culture, and leadership, yet so many seem to get it wrong.

Getting to the heart of the matter, if you are unable to uncover a personal or emotional need


The leader takes on a number of different roles on his or her path. Here are a few that come to mind: coach, visionary, mentor, and manager.

One description of a leader that I have come to embrace is that of a guide. This idea is functional with respect to an individual taking on the primary responsibility to help communicate


Life’s journey is funny at times. I don’t mean the kind of funny that makes you laugh, but the kind of funny that causes you to look deep inside yourself and ask, “How did I ever get through all that?”

I look back at my almost twenty-eight years as a Navy SEAL and wonder about all the challenges


What is the one thing that separates success from failure? Why do some businesses fail while others excel? In a word, fortitude. In spite of skill, education, talent, or desire, success evades all who do not have the fortitude to see success through to fruition.

I have interviewed many candidates for new and challenging job assignments. As candidates deliver their