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Origin of “Coach”

It was so interesting to me when I discovered where the word coach derived from originally.

It all started way back in the fifteenth century in a small town named Kocs, on the main road between Vienna and Budapest, Austria. As the story goes, a transportation company created a carriage with more space and more comfort. It was


Branding has been my world for more than thirty years. I spent twenty years at Darden Restaurants, mostly at Red Lobster, where we spent more than $100 million per year on branding. We spent a total of more than $1 billion while I was there.

As part of that expense, we got to hire some of the most brilliant branding


My innate desire since being a small child is to be better. A better baseball player, a better student, a better friend, a better son—being better than what my parents, teachers, and anyone in authority ever expected.

Those attempts to be better worked most of the time and resulted in good repercussions when I was young. Even when, during the


Mike Myers’s character, Austin Powers, is famous for saying the one line, “Oh…behave”… in that drawn-out British accent. He was saying, “Do not be naughty.”

I overheard a mother declare to her three children in my office the other day, “Now, you kids need to behave in here today, or I won’t get you smoothies later.” At that moment, I


In life situations, kings, queens, presidents, managers of people, fathers and mothers, and all others in the decision-making process make day-to-day decisions that affect the people under their control. These are our rulers and leaders, in one capacity or another. By definition, there is an expectation that whatever decisions they make are just, equitable, and balanced.

However, throughout history, too


I am often guilty of being in a conversation and instead of truly focusing on what the other person is saying, I’m formulating in my head what I’m going to say in response. When I do that, I check out of the moment and am not fully present. I am not fully awake to that conversation anymore. What did


Early in my adult life, I was given a painting that no one else in my family claimed. It was done in oil, mostly primary colors, and it depicted a Florida mangrove swamp at sunset. Honestly, it was pretty ugly.

Out of duty, I hung it in my home for a year or two. Then, when I thought others wouldn’t


Let’s face it, when we think of champions, we think about people who win.

I sure want to win in life. Don’t you? You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t.

If we look at the lives of champions up close, as if through a magnifying glass, we see a theme of consistency. They show up to competitions, presentations, conversations, whatever…with


If you know (or ever were) a typical teenager, then you have observed what attitude is! You know that look in their eyes, or the flip of their hair…or worse, the roll of their eyes. Sometimes it can just be the way they are standing. Of course, you are trying to be a great person, so you find yourself