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Even though I grew up in a very small town of one thousand people, because it was in Texas, it forced me to want to do everything big! As a young man, I was always intrigued by someone who could motivate people to want to do something, or go somewhere, or even more impressive, spend their hard-earned money!

I remember hearing the words and watching the faces of the people set in a trance by a man outside the circus tent in my town of Dumas. He created such a desire that I just had to see what he was talking about.

I heard a quote by the Greatest Showman…the infamous P. T. Barnum, He stated that “Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!” So that was it…I decided then that I was going to help people get what they needed, even if they did not realize it at the current moment. I decided to help people go where they needed to go, do what they needed to do, and even buy what they needed to buy. That is ultimately how business works. But it all starts with the pitch.

I find it so interesting that the word pitch has so many meanings yet always produces something greater. The word pitch can be a perfect tone, a well-thrown ball, or a good flow of water from a roof.

However, for this illustration, I will move into the inner working of the word pitch in reference to a sales exchange. During a sales exchange, the pitch itself is very often met with resistance energy, which creates a negative vibration that usually brings the sales exchange to an automatic “No” or “Not interested. Send me an email, and I’ll look at it.” Getting to yes takes perfection in timing.

Calling the pitch a “sales presentation” is part of the perception surrounding the sales process. So how can someone be uncomfortable with the pitch and still be motivated to buy? I have included here some of the skills I have developed over many years of selling or pitching my wares.

In the game of baseball, a good pitcher strives to strike the batter out. The batter, on the other hand, strives to make perfect contact combined with perfect timing to knock the ball out of the park. But in sales, a perfected “pitch” is one that connects all the moving parts and gets your message out to the world in perfect harmony. Sales is helping people solve a problem with a service or a product. The greater the problem solved, the greater the price people are willing to pay.

As a standalone “pitch,” however, effective selling is something of a well-tuned form of precision movement between people. Get your story straight, and learn how to tell your story for maximum effect. Understand how your VIM—Vision–Innovation–Motivation—will mesh with their business and enhance it. It’s your story, and how you choose to deliver it is up to you. A well-tuned story will make you relatable, and when people can relate to you, you have what it takes to be successful.

Along with the science of sales is a bit of magic. The types of information most likely to convince a person to buy, or help them understand what you’re talking about, can be broken down to an elementary level, so don’t make it too complicated.

The “pitch” is where a large part of this sales presentation gets done. If you have a product or a service, you should be able to pitch it to an interested person in a one-, a three-, and even a five-minute version. The challenge often is that we know what we know…and it is usually way too much information about what we do or about the product we are trying to get someone to purchase.

To me, PITCH stands for Perfection in Timing Creates Harmony. That is my acronym for pitch. The right thing at the wrong time does not end up well…or so I discovered when I asked my girlfriend to marry me. OK, we were six years old. Some people just seem to know what to say and when. I believe that timing is a keen sense to go, slow down, or stop. The good news is, I believe it can be taught. How? By watching a master do it and then letting him or her watch you try. Be ready for some critical comments. After all, you want to win, right?

Here are the five steps to mastering your pitch:

P – Prepare with creating your story. (The best presentations are two-thirds stories, not just facts!)

I – Involve the experts to watch and share their observations.

T – Try, and try again.

C – Challenge yourself to listen to the comments, even when they hurt.

H – Help others after you master your pitch.

What is your pitch?…Let’s get ready for something big!

“Every day, you got to do adjustments. Every pitch. You gotta do what it takes.”

—Miguel Cabrera

Pitch is written by Michael Bray