Founder and CEO, Kingdom Allies Consulting
Aaron Kruse lives a consistent blend of business, ministry, and family. A pastor for ten years, he currently serves as the Director of Campus Development for a growing multisite church with seventeen locations and counting. Aaron oversees and leads a team that is responsible for all new-build and remodel construction projects. He is the founder of Kingdom Allies Consulting, which exists to help other businesses leverage the tools available in this digital marketing age to measure the right things and get their messages to the right people. He also cofounded and is helping build Emprise Digital, a company that spends every ounce of its time and energy to use Google Grants to grow the vision of churches and nonprofits, giving them access to significant digital marketing power with limited resources. Aaron has been married to his wife, Angela, for eleven years. They have three children ages five and under, which makes every day an adventure!
(501) 733-9877

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