Business Coach with Rhapsody Coaching
Nobel has spent most of his life working with leaders to help them achieve their potential—both professionally and personally. Over the past twenty years, he had the opportunity to lead several organizations. He knows what it’s like to drive revenue, realign culture, develop strategy, and implement solutions that work. He knows—firsthand—the life of an entrepreneur and organizational leader. Nobel has the privilege of being the Chaplin for the Missouri State Bears basketball, volleyball, and softball teams. His personal style will seem like he is talking just to you. He loves to say, “You coach people and teams one at a time.” Sometimes he is delivering keynotes around the world. Other times, he is working one-on-one with a leader. Either way, he wants you to know this: the work you are doing is important, the commitment you’ve made to yourself and your organization matters, and the opportunities ahead of you are extraordinary. Nobel and his wife, Kesia, have three boys and live in Springfield, Missouri.
(417) 496-9077

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