Entrepreneur/Chief Visionary, Business Strategist
Michael has more than forty years of business venture in his history. He was referred to as the “Golden Nugget” in several businesses along the years. Michael started off working with Clint Murchison (former owner of the Dallas Cowboys) and became the youngest VP of sales and marketing in Murchison’s firm. It was there he learned how to do things right in a big way. Since then, Michael has revolutionized business, developing Lexxus, a wellness company. He took it public and achieved more than $1 billion in annual sales. He owns US City Energy, a Tesla Technology company that increases efficiency through solar energy. He also owns Global Pocket Media, which puts ads in everyone’s pockets. His latest venture is Ancestry Genetics, which provides revolutionary prescreening testing for early detection of hereditary diseases. Michael says only a dreamer can change the dream. He lives in central Arkansas.
(501) 247-5189

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