CMO, Oven Bits; Author
Chris’s story is proof that although life rarely gives us what we hope for, we can still beat the odds and achieve a meaningful life. Every challenge presents a choice—to either let circumstances define us or to do exactly the opposite. Chris has made it a point to do exactly the opposite by defining his own life and taking purposeful steps to overcome every challenge thrown his way. His fresh approach to overcoming the inevitable challenges life brings inspires and motivates people from all walks of life to connect with their purpose and move beyond the challenges they face. His experience of defying the odds stretches beyond overcoming personal challenges and into the business realm. Growing up, Chris worked in the family “start-up” business that went on to gross more than $200 million. In the years since, Chris has started or had ownership in more than ten businesses, experiencing a wide range of ups and downs—from losing everything to building it all back from scratch. While serving as CMO at Oven Bits, Chris drove more than 100 percent growth, adding millions in revenue and helping produce more than twenty featured apps in the Apple and Google App Stores. He accomplished this in partnership with brands such as L’Oréal, Lush Cosmetics, Hilton, and Vogue. During this time, Chris published his first book, Step: Pursuing Your Dreams in the Midst of Everyday Life. Chris has since produced Life Story: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Life You’ve Always Wanted, The “Blank” Leader: An In-Depth Guide to Becoming a Thriving Leader, and The Intentional Year: A Year Dedicated to Making You Unstoppable. Through the exhilarating heights of hard-earned success to the lows of disappointing failures, Chris has learned a handful of key principles that have helped him defeat the odds. He’s now on a mission to teach people of all walks of life how they, too, can defeat the odds, no matter what their “everyday lives” look like.

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