Dr. Alicia
Associate Professor, College of Education, University of Central Arkansas
Dr. Alicia Cotabish is an Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning at the University of Central Arkansas and the owner of Fretmonkey Records, the organized international community of fingerstyle guitar. In both roles, Alicia has established herself as a thought leader and entrepreneur. In higher education, she has served on a number of boards and has published more than one hundred articles and books on education. In the music industry, Alicia has established Fretmonkey Records as an international music brand with monthly guitar nights in five countries and an office in China. With the concepts “community” and “collaboration” serving as her thought-leadership platform in both education and the music industry, Alicia has managed to be a “mover and shaker” in both fields. Alicia and her husband, Dennis, reside in Conway, Arkansas, with their three children.
(501) 346-8228

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