Founder, Think Differently Counseling
Bob is the founder of the Think Differently Counseling Consulting and Connecting Center. He has been in private practice and worked in the church for a combined twenty-five years of practice. Besides his years of private practice and organizational consulting, he spent ten years developing a group discipleship strategy called Freedom Ministry that helped thousands of people find freedom from a broad range of struggles. He has published two books built around the idea that changing one’s thought process is the true meaning of biblical repentance and therefore, the key component of real change. His video series, Foundations of Freedom, is used worldwide to shift the way people see Christian views, themselves, and the pathway to change. He currently offers training and consulting to counselors, ministries, and curious people. He and his team offer training in facilitating freedom, spiritual leadership, teaching and training strategies, and ministry development. Bob and his wife, Polly, have a wonderful blended family of six grown kids, two in-loves, and three awesome grandbabies. They live in the Dallas area.
(972) 201-3437

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