Dr. Clarence
Founder and President, T.LAB
Dr. Nixon is the founder and president of T.LAB, an accelerated learning center for families and students in grades K–12. T.LAB was established to increase the competitiveness of US-based students while leveraging a global leadership model. In FY2012, the Information Technology Senior Management Forum honored Dr. Nixon and T.LAB for the application of technology in education. In addition, he is the Managing Partner of CNC Group, LLC, a management consulting firm specializing in business transformation, or turnaround management. Possessing a wide range of management and technology skills, Dr. Nixon is regarded for his general management skills, including marketing, product development, engineering, manufacturing, sales, finance, human resources, and information technology. He was the president and Chief Executive Officer of Real Times, Inc., one of the largest African American newspaper chains in the country. Building on a strong foundation of an accomplished career within several industries, demonstrating proactive leadership strengths, and perfecting key technological solutions throughout his career, Dr. Nixon is a leading force in change management and the continued emergence of digital technologies. He holds a PhD in management from Wayne State University, a MSA degree in management from Central Michigan University, and a BS degree in business administration from Upper Iowa University. He has completed executive training from General Electric (Six-Sigma), IBM, Stanford University, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard Business School, and multiple other corporate training courses and seminars. Dr. Nixon is the author of three books: The Leadership of Hope, From CIO to CEO, and Taking the Mountain of Education.

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