R. D.
Vice President of Advancement EQUIP Leadership (Founded by John Maxwell)
Born in central Ohio, R. D. had leadership experiences in music and church ministry. After graduating from Ohio Christian University, he spent twenty-two years in pastoral ministry, leading churches in Ohio, Florida, and Georgia. In 2002, when R. D. began to serve as an Associate Trainer for John Maxwell’s EQUIP Leadership organization, he began to see firsthand the needs of the global community. In 2009, he was called to lead Network of Caring, a charitable organization dedicated to bringing hope and healing to the neediest people in the world. For eight years, he served as the Chief Significance Officer (Executive Director) of Network of Caring, managing operations in numerous world areas. In addition to his duties at Network of Caring, R. D. was the primary speaker for Leading With 20/20 Vision, teaching leadership and personal growth to hundreds of thousands of businesspeople around the world.  Now, as the Director of Advancement for EQUIP Leadership, R. D. works closely with the many churches and businesspeople who fund the global ministry of EQUIP and her founder, Dr. John C. Maxwell. R. D. is a gifted communicator and creative thinker who brings passion and innovation to all he does. He has two sons and lives with his wife, Shelli, in Buford, Georgia.

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