Dr. Amber
Performance Consultant; Director of People Performance, Lippert Components, Inc.
As a former soccer player at the University of Notre Dame, where she graduated with a Management Consulting degree, Amber started her career in human resources with a global manufacturing company. After recognizing a similar performance dynamic in business as she experienced in sports, she returned to graduate school to better understand the art and science of human high performance. She earned a PhD in Applied Sport & Performance Psychology from the University of Missouri and a master’s degree in Sport & Performance Psychology from the University of Denver. Dr. Selking founded the Selking Performance Group, whose mission is to help individuals, sports teams, and business organizations unleash performance excellence by tapping into the power of mindset and leadership. She speaks to organizations around the world and serves as the mental performance consultant to Head Coach Brian Kelly and the Notre Dame Football team. She has also served as an adjunct professor in the business school at Notre Dame. In 2018, she joined Lippert Components, Inc., a publicly traded, global manufacturing company headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, as their Director of People Performance. She oversees the culture and people-development initiatives for the organization and works to drive team member engagement at every layer of the business. Combined, her expertise is in optimizing human performance by teaching people about how their brains work, providing strategies to build mindsets that facilitate success, and partnering with leaders to build people systems that are most conducive to high performance. Dr. Selking also hosts a podcast called “Building Championship Mindsets,” which has more than 100k downloads and has been used in Johannesburg, South Africa, to build productive mindsets in young people. She grew up raising livestock in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania. Now she lives in South Bend, Indiana, with her husband, Aaron, and their Doberman Pinscher, Rockne.
(352) 989-2127

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