President and CEO, StroudLink
After graduating from college and spending more than fifteen years of ministry work in two of the largest religious organization in the nation. Bradley felt led to move into the business community. In 1997, he started working in a unique industry known as Professional Employer Organizations (better known as PEOs). He worked for three of the top PEO firms in the country, creating the knowledge base to serve businesses and understand the industry. In 2004, after realizing there was a tremendous demand to help businesses reduce labor costs, remove liabilities, and create better efficiencies, Bradley established StroudLink, a PEO brokerage service. StroudLink represents many of the top PEO services nationwide. Given the fact that every business is different and unique, StroudLink was designed specifically to help businesses find the right PEO service that best fits their own specific challenges and goals. He is blessed with three successful children (Zach, Amanda, and Joshua) and seven perfect grandchildren (Dayton, Dillon, Porter, Gauge, Addison, Harley, and Ryker). Bradley lives in San Antonio, Texas.
(210) 877-2148

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