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Growing up in Wisconsin allowed me to experience the four seasons—sometimes in the extreme.

I loved summer as a kid, swimming, playing outside…it was so awesome! (We did not have video games back then.) Then the leaves started to change colors, and a fresh coolness became a new reality, autumn was awesome. I remember taking hikes in northern Wisconsin, and even as a child, I enjoyed all the amazing colors! But then winter came howling in…but I loved the snow. Sledding, snowmobiling, and tubing—that was a total blast. But then when it started to warm up and the tulips would begin to bloom…the smells…wow…that was awesome! I love springtime.

That was many years ago. Now I live in Texas, and it seems that there are only two seasons: summer and not as summer. To be honest, I actually miss the seasons. I enjoyed the variety.

But in my life, that does not seem to be the case…at least at first glance. I mean, we have times in our lives when it seems nothing is growing. Other times, everything is blooming, and the birds seem to be singing more than normal. I actually fought with myself the other day, wishing that every day would be the same. But then I thought, “Wait…that would be horrible. Too predictable.” I suddenly realized that it could actually be boring if every day were the same!

You see, I love the variety. So why would I even consider wanting my life to be monotonous? The variety of life is where it is at. Seasons are awesome! It is interesting that the first definition of “season” as a noun pertains to seasons. They start and end—just like the seasons in our lives.

The definition of “season” as a verb concerns accenting food using “seasoning.” I was at a friend’s home the other day, and he had some almonds in the pantry. I love almonds! I was excited to get this well-deserved snack, so I took a big handful. Yuck! It was like eating sawdust! I made a face like I had just sucked on a lemon and said, “What’s wrong with these? They are horrible!”

My friend said. “Oh, they are unsalted.”

They were bland. They needed some seasoning.

That brings us to the subject of life. Do you want a bland, eventless life? No? Me neither. The reality is, most of us do like variety. We love the ups and downs, like in the seasons. When the views change, it makes each day an adventure. I wonder why I seem to resist change so much, especially in my own life, and especially as I get older. I need change on a regular basis. It makes life interesting. It seasons it and makes it more…“tasty.”

Here are five tips for embracing the seasons of life:

Do not resist the seasons; you cannot stop them from coming.

Understand that the seasons of life bring ups and downs, and that keeps things interesting.

Recognize that the seasons bring tasty adventures.

Realize that if you do not like the season you are in, just wait…it will change.

Help others navigate their seasons.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

—Ecclesiastes 3:1 (BSB), by King Solomon, the wisest person of all time

Season is written by Dr. Sam Farina